About Me

I am Joel, Online Entrepreneur. I live in Michigan with my wife and our three kids, two boys and one daughter.

The idea of becoming an Internet Entrepreneur started in May 2013, I had a dream of becoming my own boss and helping others to become online entrepreneurs.

Starting a business online was not an easy path to take because I was advised to get training from someone who really knows internet marketing. One of the challenges I faced was to find a reliable program that can teach and coach someone to become an online entrepreneur. As you know, on the internet there are thousands and thousands of gurus and experts who help people to make money online but how many are trustworthy? and how to find them?

Another major obstacle is a fear of becoming a victim of scammers. It was not long ago when I had a guy who emailed me that there was a lot of money in the Bank of England that was given randomly to people. I had to verify the name and the physical address of the bank but the game changed when I told him that I was going to the UK and getting money from that bank. The guy disappeared. Even though it was online business this type of scam put me in doubt.

During my deep research, I found one of the programs that had some goals that were matching my dreams. I joined the program and I started the training. Unfortunately, it was interrupted because the owner of this program was building a mega platform where people are educated to become the independent entrepreneurs.

I didn’t make money with this company because of those major changes; as an affiliate, it was not easy to make enough money.

I can say that since 2015 I have been promoting Clickbank products but I was not satisfied because I wanted to grow and find a solid program that can help me to build a solid online business and that I can recommend to my friends and other people who want to become an Entrepreneur.

The Digital Prosperity Program was found during my research and I saw that it can help me to grow and make money because of its structure. The Founder James Francis has been in this industry for a while and they offer training that really can help you to become an online independent entrepreneur.

So far in my new career, I have learned about two things:

– How to Become an Internet Entrepreneur

There is been no such opportunity in history as there is now where almost everyone across the world has access to the internet. This new technology has allowed people to turn their passion into an online business.

– What are the benefits of becoming an Internet Entrepreneur?

  • Control your own destiny
  • Have free time for yourself and your family
  • From a depressed person to a vibrant person
  • Increase your income
  • Help your local community and beyond
  • Have more energy to pursue your dream
  • Develop the desire to help other people to become successful
  • And more…


Successful and Unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They vary in their desire to reach their potential.” John Maxwell.

My goal is to help and provide tools, information; and training for all people who want to become their own bosses.